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Hospital managers walk in employees' shoes

Manager Randy Sauls takes on a new job for a day. Manager Randy Sauls takes on a new job for a day.

May 12, 2004

Valdosta - On a typical day, you'll find Randy Sauls behind his desk, answering important phone calls and buried in paperwork. "I'm responsible for the general operations of the medical center and its daily activities," said Sauls.

But today, the tables have turned. He's stepped out of his office and into the hospital's blood lab. "We put all our job titles in the hat, and then all our managers drew a title from the hat," said Sauls. "We're doing this as part of National Hospital Week."

Out of 2200 names, Sauls picked Carole Everett. "She's a pre-analytical tech in our laboratory, she's responsible for drawing blood from our patients in addition to other duties including the organizing and sampling of specimens from other parts of the hospital," said Sauls.

Now, he's walking a day in her shoes. "Every employee in this hospital has an important function and its very important that I understand their point of view," said Sauls. "When questions come to me at my level, I'll have an appreciation of why the question is there and now I can better address the issues."

And as for his job performance, this manager gets an A plus. "He seemed very interested and he actually surprised me and knew what was going on and what he was doing," said Everett.

So when he's back behind the desk, he'll have a have a new appreciation for employees like Carole.

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