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Riverquarium fishing for more money

May 12, 2004

Albany - First the grand opening of the Riverquarium was delayed, and now Albany Tomorrow Inc. needs $1,900,000 to complete the new downtown attraction.

The project was expected to cost $24,500,000. Developers planned to restore a building on Pine Avenue to house the I-Works movie theater, administrative offices, and classrooms. But, they discovered structural problems, so the building had to be torn down.

"We had to go back to the Historical Preservation Society to request a permit to demolish the building, redesign it, and rebuilt it. That redesign and reconstruction was not anticipated originally which added to the cost," said ATI President Tommy Chatmon.

State lawmakers okayed $1,400,000 in this year's state budget for the project, but the Governor hasn't signed the budget yet. Wednesday, ATI members agreed to borrow $422,000 to pay for some of the unexpected costs. The state money, if approved, would come in November and would pay off this loan.

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