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Women walk and pray across America

May 11, 2004

Lee County - How far would you walk for a good cause? We found two determined ladies walking on the side of south Georgia roads.

We found two determined ladies walking on the side of south Georgia roads. It may not sound so unusual, until we tell you their starting line was in Washington State

At first, they look like two tiny white specks, but when the trio gets closer...you can clearly see the red, white and blue. Lyn Hanush says, " We are walking because, after 9-11, we felt America needed prayer. We have been planning to walk and we decided this was the time."

Time for California friends, Lyn Hanush, Joni Balog and their mascot Cassie to make their Great American Journey. Hanush grins, "As of yesterday, we have done 33-hundred miles."

So far, they have walked from Washington State to South Georgia. When asked how Balog was talked into walking, she laughs, "She twisted my arm."

An arm that gets just as much exercise as their legs. Hanush explains, "We wave to every car and with every wave goes a prayer with that car load."

The patriotic duo hit only small towns in America. They are now walking through Leesburg, next stop is Albany. Hanush remembers, "We are going through Moultrie and Valdosta...is that right? Valdosta."

When they go through, they stop to leave a prayer. Hanush reads the smooth stone, "Memorial stone # 238. May God bless the people of Leesburg, GA."

Two-hundred and thirty-eight memorial stones, 3,300 miles, 14 states, countless adventures and thousands of prayers. They left a year ago, tomorrow. Hanush says, "Incredible, absolutely. It's going to make me cry."

Key West, Florida is the finish line.

Joni is British, their driver, Ronnie is Australian and Cassie is a German Shephard, but they're walking across the United States on a great American Journey.

The ladies walk at least 15 miles a day. They only take two days off, one on Sundays.

They have a motor home to sleep in, but it has broken down and will be left in Albany.

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