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Teacher under investigation

Carla Murray Carla Murray

May 11, 2004

Albany-- The probe centers around 13 love notes that school system officials believe the 32-year-old teacher wrote to 17-year-old male student.

Westover High English teacher Carla Murray resigned two weeks ago while under investigation for a possible inappropriate relationship with the student. 

The love notes that say things like this--

"It pleases me that you want me as much as I want you."

"The smell of your cologne mixed w/sweat"

"The sounds you make while -

"The touch of your hands, The taste of your mouth, There's more, but I won't embarrass myself by mentioning them."

School officials found the notes after tips from students. "Apparently they got some information out of the locker," said School Board Attorney Tommy Coleman.

A hand writing analyst reported that it is highly probable that Murray wrote the letters.

At some point it appears the relationship went sour. So notes like these were written. "I hope you don't mind if I keep a few tabs on you..."

"So if I look mad... it's really sadness you're looking at. You're just magnetic to me."

  "I hate to see you flirting."

"I'll try not to be super stalker for a few days"

When the school system started looking into the matter, Murray resigned. Howard Stiller is her attorney. "She resigned because her best interest lay in resigning."

School officials say that when she resigned, there wasn't as much evidence as there seems to be now.

Coleman: "Teachers are not at will employees. You can't say I think you did this, so you have to go. You have to actually prove it. So it seemed more prudent to go ahead and do that."

According to the records we received both Murray and the student denied an inappropriate relationship. But her attorney wouldn't give any more information because of pending investigations.

Howard: "It would be premature at this time to make any statement about what her side of the story is."

School officials are relieved to know these kinds of notes have stopped. The Professional Standards Commission will vote on whether to do an investigation.

Their next meeting is in June. The PSC is the commission that grants teachers their licenses.

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