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Police officer fired for speaking out

Smut Smut

May 11, 2004

Barwick - Another officer spoke out against it and has lost his job. A few weeks ago, Smut (a black lab) was in heat and attracting lots of male dogs. Her owner, Willie Frank Lamons, got tired of those dogs coming around, so he called police Chief Brian Jones for advice.

James Daniels was there when the chief arrived. "He said, well, if you got to do it, shoot it, but kill it."

After Chief Jones left, Willie Lamons walked back into the house and got his shotgun. Then, he walked around the corner and saw the dogs. That's when, witnesses say, Lamons only did what the police chief told him to do. He shot the dogs.

Two weeks later, Lamons was arrested for cruelty to animals. "I just think that's wrong," says daughter Stephanie. "I think they should do something about Chief just like they did something about my daddy."

And so did Jim Anello, a former Barwick police officer, so he spoke out against what happened to Lamons. He says he was fired for that. "I went to the Chief and expressed my opposition to what had taken place mainly because there was laws that were violated," says Anello.

But he was told that he violated chain of command and was let go. But witnesses say if anyone should be fired, it's the police chief. "That is so wrong," says Stephanie, "because if they went and took my daddy to jail on four charges, he should have been charged with something for telling him to do that."

We contacted Chief Jones and the Humane Society, but they had no comment.

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