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Commissioner forced out of position

May 11, 2004

Tift County- Tift County voters will now have to choose two commissioners for the same district during July's elections.

Daughtry Melton is running for the chairman of the board. He had to resign his District 2 post because of a 1975 ruling that requires existing commissioners to step down before running for chairman.

Melton's term would have expired December 31st anyway. Now, the board will hold a special election to find someone to complete the left months left in Melton's term.

"The funny thing about it is, I called and they said now since I am a regular citizen, so to speak, that I could qualify to run the office for the unexpired term. That did not make any sense," Melton says.

In addition to the special election, voters will also choose a new District 2 commissioner who will take office January 1st. The special election will coincide with the July primaries.

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