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D.O.D. tours Warner Robins

May 10, 2004

Warner Robins- Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment Raymond DuBois says he simply doesn't know whether any Georgia bases will be closed. He does say they'll get equal footing in the evaluation process.

"Any base specific comments would be inappropriate from myself, but also as I said in the generality of BRAC all bases are treated equally and fairly," he says.

DuBois says the Department of Defense will analyze the services provided on all bases, pinpoint those that are unique, and find a way to consolidate those that are duplicated by more than one branch.

"I think that this BRAC, as I indicated, you'll see more realignment of mission and force structure on the best available infrastructure."

Congressmen Jim Marshall and Jack Kingston say they're working to make sure Georgia's installations put their best foot forward when the department of defense decides which 25% of U.S. bases will be closed.

"What we are trying to do on a bipartisan basis not just in Washington, but also with the legislature and governor in Atlanta, is to make sure that all of our installations are as up to speed as possible and that they have a good return on the dollar," Kingston explains.

"The main thing that we do is provide D.O.D. with the information that it needs to persuade it that these bases have importance to our military mission," adds Marshall.

Whether their efforts are successful remains to be seen, but Marshall and Kingston promise to make sure that when it comes to BRAC Georgia is treated fair.

DuBois says the government is wasting tax money on unnecessary military infrastructure. He says realigning the nation's bases could save up to $7 billion a year.

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