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Sticker shock at the pump

May 10, 2004

Albany-- Drivers are having a case of "sticker shock" at the gas pumps.

Gas prices in South Georgia are topping out at a $1.80 and they're expected to rise more.

A gallon of unleaded gasoline at this North Slappey gas station is $1.79.  About a half mile away, this Oasis on South Slappey is selling a gallon of unleaded for $1.75.

Robert Patterson says he's shopping around for the cheapest price, but the high cost for gas is draining his wallet.  "It's affected a lot. You can't do as much riding around now. I mean you can if you want to continue to spend more money like that, which is ridiculous for the prices."

Gas prices are expected to rise because of tightening gasoline supplies, rising demand, and seasonal environmental regulations that cause a price adjustment.

The average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is $1.89.

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