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Helping the blind "see"

May 10, 2004

Albany-- People use the Internet to shop, pay bills, even find dates.

But, the world wide web isn't always open to everyone.  A group of Albany high school students is trying to make a difference.

Collie Robinson goes on-line everyday,"I am the Independent Skills Coordinator here at the Lion's Learning Center."

But, she doesn't see web sites like most, "I am a blind, visually impaired person myself."

Collie has a computer that can read the text on Internet websites friendly to disabled people, but surprisingly, many websites shut her out, "Because there are times when I need to access a website for information and for whatever reason I am forbidden to go there and I need this information."

Now, people like Collie Robinson can view one website thanks to these students' vision. High School High Tech member Demetrius Hardy says, "I am glad that we came through this program and made it more accessible for them so they have a chance to go on the website and do some things we can do."

The students are members of High School High Tech-- and they have designed a website for Westover High School, making it accessible for disabled people. They won a first place award for their work Monday.

But, more importantly, they are helping disabled people like Collie get the information they need. Collie Robinson says, "We can do whatever anyone else can do. All we need is the technology."

Technology and vision are making the Internet accessible for everyone.

The students won a $1,000.00 dollar scholarships each in the Georgia Accessibility Rally Website Design Competition.

Teams from Valdosta High School won second and third places.

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