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Corvette club speeds things up

 May 08, 2004

Albany-- It's often called the great American race car.  Even fifty years after it was first introduced, the Corvette is still capturing the hearts of drivers across the country and even right here in South Georgia. 

 "Nobody likes a Corvette they either love it or they hate it," says Jim Richardson.

 And Jim Richardson loves Corvettes a lot. 

"Well I have had ten of them. This is the tenth one and I  have another on at home," says Richardson.

It's a passion for a great American sports car that Jim shares with the 30 other members of the Albany Corvette Club. 

"It's a sports car, it's made in America and I have wanted one all my life and when I became 50 years old I was able to afford one," says Al Jamison. 

 Once a month, these members get together and talk about what's new with the popular sports car that first rolled off General Motors assembly line in 1953 and has a style that says all eyes on me. 

 "Some people think we're kind of snobness because we drive a fiber glass sports car but it's not really not more expensive than any other car," says Jamison.

Well that's if any other car came with an almost $50, 000 dollars price tag.

 "Now lets not kid oursleves the most attractive things about these cars are the speed. 

 "It's an adrenaline rush that is absolutely unreal," says Eleanor Banks.

 Banks joined the club when her husband's love for Corvettes rubbed off on her.

"You take off quick off from a dead stop and that a thrill," say Banks.

 A thrill that keeps her and the other club members searching for that next open road. 

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