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Youngster awakes in empty bus

May 7, 2004

Shellman- A South Georgia mother is relieved her 4-year-old son is ok after being left on the school bus.

Quanjerrious Williams fell asleep on the trip Shellman to the Head Start program in Cuthbert.

The bus driver parked near this doctor's office after dropping the children at school. When Quanjerrious woke up, he went to the doctor's office. The bus driver did call the mom to apologize.

"She say she searched the bus when she parked, but that's where he says he was," said his mother Felicia Williams. "He was on the bus asleep. He woke up and he opened the door and he got off."

Randolph County Superintendent Bobby Jenkins says checking buses at the end of a route is standard procedure. The school system is investigating.

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