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Couple struggles with Alzheimer's disease

May 10, 2004

Albany- Ron Gregory is living with a deadly disease. "I didn't know if I'm crazy or what but something is not right," says Gregory.

His wife, Joyce says, "I would say something that wasn't complex at all and he didn't understand what I was saying, and he'd get irritated and say your not making any sense."

Gregory was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease six years ago. Gregory says "I got up and went to the doctor, finally decided something was wrong." Things felt wrong because he wasn't acting like himself. "He would blow up real fast," claims his wife.

Gregory now enjoys spending time with his grandchild Noah, playing games with his caretaker, Diana, and doing things for his wife. Gregory says "We've just seen so many things in our life that I could have died years ago and been very satisfied."

Gregory still has some fun, especially when his wife makes a silly mistake. Joyce remembers, "I Ended up putting the trash in the washing machine and Ron's decided I need to be checked out. He's just teasing me. We have good laughs over things like that you have to laugh,"

Through laughter and tears, this couple has learned to cope with the illness by putting each other first. "They're the ones that suffer and the family members because I'm going to be OK. If I can't remember it, you know it's fine, I'm comfortable."

He's Finding comfort that he's taking his disease one day at a time with the love of his life beside him every step of the way.

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