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Antique car enthusiast enjoys Cairo Car Rally

May 7, 2004

Cairo - "I'm pretty well hooked on antique cars," says Gene Roy.  "We've got an '89 that's our new car. I do have a pickup, but the cars, we keep an older car because we like the older ones better than the new ones basically. It takes 'em back, they remember the cars if they're my age anyway, they remember the 50's cars. The younger people like the 60's and even 70's. This car since '91, I've driven it 74,000 miles just going to tours and meets. This car I said has been in 40 different states just touring.

We really enjoy Cairo. We live in Winter Springs, Florida which is close to Orlando, and the traffic's terrible and everything, so we enjoy coming here. In fact, as the wife and I decided if we leave Orlando, we'd like to live here. We've been coming back at least eight or nine years, I'm not sure. But it's a fun thing coming back every year."

If you would like to check out those cars, head over to Broad Street in Cairo tonight at 8:00 for the parade through downtown. They will also be on display tomorrow at Davis Park from 12PM-3PM.

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