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Butterflies fly free in Albany

May 07, 2004

Albany -- Spring time and butterflies seem to always go together. And some Sherwood Acres Elementary students know all about both.

The excitement is building for these students at Sherwood Acres Elementary in Albany. They've had butterflies in their stomachs and on their minds for some time now. Ever since they started to learn about the tiny caterpillars that arrived in their classrooms 3 weeks ago.

"They wrap themselves in a cristalis for a long rest and when they come out they are butterflies," says 1st grader Jaylen Williams.

Young students have been closely watching

"The butterflies were growing and they got prettier every second," says 1st grader Sydney Windows.

"For me it was exciting because I like to see how the butterfly becomes a big butterfly," says 3rd grader Josh Smith.

Now after weeks of being pampered by students more than 150 Painted lady butterflies are being released to find their own way.

"I felt good because I like to see butterflies flying around," says Williams

"It's a pretty good home because it's has a lot flowers because it has a lot of leaves that it needs to live," says Smith.

And it's a home just feet away from the school yard. So these kids can stop by and visit and hope to see old flying through the sky.

Friday the Sam's Club awarded a $500 environmental grant to Sherwood for next year's butterfly release.

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