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Rockets blast off

May 7, 2004

Albany-- If you were around northwest Albany Friday morning, your eyes might have been drawn upward.
Dozens of rockets streaked through the sky,  launched from a nearby playground.

Another successful launch by the Young Astronauts. Student Hannah Stern says, "What we do is we come after school, and we build rockets, and we shoot them off."

These Deerfield Windsor 4th and 5th graders are members of the Young Astronauts. Today, six months worth of work is paying off--for most. Walker Lanier says, "It's a dud. My engine won't work."

But, a quick modification and it's blast off. Teacher Marie Salter says, "Following directions is really important, and we kind of find out how well they follow directions on launch day, because if they go off successfully we know the rocket got put together."

For all, today is a lot of fun. Tripp Mathis says, "We get to catch the rockets."

But, for a few, like Shelby Edwards who says "I love space. Science is my favorite subject," being a member of the Young Astronauts means a little more, "We are going to Space Camp."

Not all of the Young Astronauts will be spending their summer vacation at Space Camp, but the rocket launch might be the next best thing.

The Young Astronauts meet after school twice a month starting in October.

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