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Deputies haul in prostitutes, johns

May 7, 2004

Albany-- Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators staked out a street corner where at least five prostitutes work. They caught one of the hookers as well as seven men who were soliciting sex. There is concern that many of the prostitutes are known to be HIV Positive.

People who live and work on Cone Street and Leonard Avenue tell us the prostitutes have been there for months. They stand near the intersection, or down a dirt alley. Dougherty Co. Sheriff's Lt. Craig Dodd said, "All hours of the night, people pulling up, honking their horns."

Thursday night Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators watched as five prostitutes went to work. Dodd said "The traffic was unbelievable. We were talking that we saw over 200 cars go down that street in the first half hour, 45 minutes we were there."

Thirty-eight-year-old Lawanda Dawson, was arrested for solicitation. The 5-foot-3, 265 pound Dawson asked twenty dollars to perform a sex act.

Then three female undercover officers took the prostitutes place in the street, in a sting operation. In a couple of hours seven men were arrested for pandering, a misdemeanor.

Lt. Dodd said "It will definitely send a message to them, that the Sheriff's office isn't going to put up with that kind of thing in the area."

But there's a bigger worry than jail for customers in this prostitution hangout. Several of the hookers working there are known to be HIV Positive. "They can spread HIV to unsuspecting customers, I guess you could say, and they take it home to their families," Dodd said.

Sheriff's Investigators say they will continue to watch the Cone Street and Leonard Avenue area. They know there is a crack house close by, and will try to clean up the area.

Sheriff's Investigators say a number of semi-trucks were cruising Cone Street. One of the men charged with pandering is a truck driver from Covington.

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