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South Georgians bid farewell to "Friends"

May 7, 2004

Albany- There's never a bad reason for getting together with friends. One group of girlfriends in Albany made Thursday night about saying goodbye to the "Friends."

"A great story that's humorous and touching every time," said Lorri Cold, surrounded by a roomful of her friends while waiting on the final episode.

" It's about regular people, glamorized a little through Hollywood," said Zoe Bonner.

For 10 years, millions of Americans followed Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey through their young and mostly single city lives.

"The chemistry of the cast worked so well together," Cold said. "It was superb writing and it was just a great chemistry of people."

In our living rooms, they pulled us in and made us feel like we were there, like one of the group, like one of the friends.

"To having a baby, and dealing with parental issues like we all have and just trying to stay young, through the Friends cast," she said.

The characters will be remembered as some of the best in television sitcom history.

But more importantly, once a week, for just 30 minutes, they made us remember the importance of our friends.

The show was a Nielsen winner for NBC nationally, with nearly 65 million viewers, and a 43 Share in Households, which means that 43% of the televisions that were in use were tuned to Friends. The Friends Finale is the highest rated show in all categories since the "Seinfeld" Finale.

Figures for Albany and South Georgia are not available at this time, but WALB typically delivers 20% to 30% higher ratings than NBC enjoys nationally.

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