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Job market looks good for grads

May 5, 2004

Albany- Making it through Darton College's pinning ceremony is one of the last obligations Holly King has before she's out in the world as a full time nurse.

"I feel like I've gotten a lot of good training here at Darton. I feel like it's a great experience," King said. "Nurses are extremely needed right now and it was very easy to find a job."

That goes for all of Darton's nursing graduates. It's no secret that there's a nationwide nursing shortage. But the job market is looking good for most of these students, especially the ones in any medical field.

"The medical field is just a phenomenal field to go into now because it's always in demand," said Dana Wallace, coordinator for Darton's Career Development Center.

Some of the students still have a while before worrying about the work force. They're going on to four-year institutions. But for the ones who are ready to punch a clock, the wait may not be so bad.

"We're all aware that the last couple of years have been difficult," Wallace said. "However, it is opening up, slowly but surely in all fields."

The emergency room will be King's field.

"A lot of different people have all these problems and people appreciate you because you're there and you're helping them throughout the situation they're in."

And this pin proves she's ready to start nursing people back to health.

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