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Students do facials at low cost

May 5, 2004

Moultrie - You can't stop getting older, but you can slow the aging process by taking care of your skin. Facials can be pricey at a salon, so how can you look healthy and save money too? That's easy, find a person who is changing careers.

Gwendolyn Swilley is a 57-year-old student. She laughs, "Yeah, I've been on the farm!" She switched careers from playing in the dirt to playing with products. Swilley says, "Totally different from produce."

Swilley now does facials in the classroom. She adds, "I very much enjoy it." Enjoyable for the clients too. Instructor Penny Garrison says, "We haven't had anyone who hasn't returned since they started. They love it, they love it."

Moultrie Technical College recently started it's first esthetics program. They learn about skin care on real people. Garrison smiles, "It's a growing industry, it really is."

Customers have to be patient, they are working with students and teachers at the same time, but you do get a major discount, it only costs 20 dollars for a basic facial.  A client, Lashonda Powell, sighs while getting a facial, "I have four kids, so I needed this."

She's also a single mom and a Moultrie Tech nail tech graduate. She adds, "Right now, I work at a salon in Valdosta, GA at Tips and Toes and I have a pretty good clientele there."

Now she's a client of skin care students. While getting her face massaged, Powell adds, "It makes me feel relaxed, she's working on my pressure points. One here, one here. It releases a lot of tension and stuff and it's so wonderful."

And wonderful that Swilley gets to follow a new dream. Swilley laughs, "My husband is going to do the vegetables."

Then she can give him a facial when he gets in from a long day out in the field. Swilley smiles, "Yeah, if he'll let me."

Moultrie Tech has one out of three esthetics programs in the state.

The esthetic students also do waxing and makeup for a discounted price.

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