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Day 3 of search for missing baby boy

May 5, 2004

Lowndes County - Three days have passed in the search for a 10 month old baby boy missing from Florida, and still no sign of his body. Investigators think the child was murdered and dumped in some trash near Jacksonville, which ended up in a landfill in Lowndes County.

Volunteers have gone through more than 350 tons of trash at the Onyx Landfill. "We think there's a child out there and we want to bring closure to this family," said Sheriff Ashley Paulk.

Their group has grown to about 100 volunteers, all in search of 10 month old Jay-Quan Mosely. "We as law enforcement officers could not just sit by and let this go unnoticed, we all want to help," said Paulk.

Despite the tough weather conditions, many of them have given up their days off of work to be here, like Lt. Jim Hightower. "Especially being a father, I can't imagine the thought of a child being out here and we just want to find him as quickly as possible," said Hightower.

In three days, they've covered about 70 percent of the one acre area they believe the child could be buried in. "We're moving a little faster now and we should have the whole area finished by tomorrow," said Paulk.

They seem to be getting close. "It peps everybody up that we've finding newspapers and things of that sort dated within the time period we're looking at," said Hightower.

But the bittersweet satisfaction they're looking for won't come until little Jay-Quan is found.

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