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Nurse On a Mission

May 5, 2004

Thomasville - Lavearn Brooker has always wanted to be a nurse. Even though she didn't have a high school diploma, she somehow managed to become an LPN, then an RN, and on May 16th she will graduate with her Bachelors of nursing from Thomas University.

Brooker says, "I feel like God's calling me to do this, I really do."

But she won't be using her nursing degree within the walls of a clean, sterile hospital. "The girls in the orphanage need somebody," says Brooker. "We have so much, so I'm going to give back what I've been given."

And she'll be giving up a lot in order to serve others. For starters, she'll be living in a room of a shack, which is the medical clinic in town. It doesn't have electricity. And, oh yeah, she's doing it all for free. She says, "I believe it's important for all of us to give back."

But why would anyone chose to give up everything they have, move to a foreign country and live so selflessly? "I just think if we don't make a difference, no one will," she says. "It's important that we give of ourselves."

That giving nature is an example Sue Otto will share with other nursing students. Otto says, "Follow your heart. Most people who go into nursing do it because they want to help people. If you can focus on that and find a way to help people, your nursing degree will be the vehicle to allow you to do that in whatever way you choose."

And for however long you choose. Brooker says, "I'm going to be there as long as there's a need." And there will always be a need for more people like Nurse Lavearn Brooker.

Laevern Brooker will leave for her Mission to Honduras on June 28th.

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