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Education bill gives school systems flexibility

May 4, 2004

Albany- The Governor says the education bill is about respect for teachers and students who want to learn.

Under the law, schools will apply stricter discipline to elementary students. They can also revoke drivers' licenses for students who commit serious offenses or miss too many classes.

"If we can get the younger students to understand the value of education, be in school and learn they'll have a much stronger foundation and it will help them through the rest of their school years," said Dougherty County School Board member David Maschke.

The law also gives school boards the power to target local and state money where it's needed in their systems.

You can now help teachers without setting foot in a school. You can donate money and supplies to teachers on-line.

Almost a thousand Georgia teachers are already registered at the "I Love Schools" website. You can look up a school and teacher and see what items they need. Lt. Governor Mark Taylor is encouraging Georgians to donate.

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