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Co-sleeping can be deadly

May 4, 2004

Camilla - Being a new parent can be stressful, especially when you think of all the things you should or should not do to keep your baby safe. Sometimes it takes tragic moments in other families lives to open your eyes.

One father wants other parents to know about the dangers of co-sleeping.

Abby Nobles' eyes are open now, but when they are closed, her father says, "Abby will not sleep in the bed with me or my wife. We may put her in the bed with us, but we will not go to sleep. She will go to her baby bed and that's where she'll sleep."

Abby's dad is Vernon Nobles the Chief Investigator at the Camilla Police Department. He tries not to take work's stresses home, but he adds, "Everything you deal with out on the street you have to come home and try to forget about what you've dealt with there and you come home and there it is."

A case that hit close to home for Vernon Nobles, recently a father in Camilla woke up and found his baby boy dead in the bed.

The little boy got caught between the mattress and the head board and suffocated. Nobles remembers, "It was pretty tough, knowing what I had coming. That's something people don't pay attention to until something happens."

Abby was born a month after that case. To keep her safe, Nobles says, "We don't put the baby in the crib with anything in it."

Except for a secured blanket and a bumper to keep her from rolling around. Nobles knows from experience at his job, co-sleeping can be deadly. Nobles says, "When you're asleep and you're tired you can roll over on that child."

Sweet dreams are supposed to be sweet and as long as this eight pound baby girl is being taken care of she will continue to grow and maybe become a parent herself one day.

Investigator Vernon Nobles also warns parents about breast feeding while tired.

He has heard of cases where the mother fell asleep in the bed and unintentionally suffocated her baby.

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