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Boy brings loaded gun to school

May 4, 2004

Colquitt County - A south Georgia third grader is caught carrying a loaded gun on a school bus.

The nine-year-old boy from J.M. Odom Elementary School in Colquitt County had a .22 caliber revolver in his backpack. The five inch long gun had three hollow point bullets and two spent casings.

Investigators believe the boy had the revolver all day at school. He showed it to another student on the bus ride home and that student told the bus driver.

Assistant Superintendent Mickey Key says, "I want to commend the student who alerted the driver to the situation. We've got to encourage all of our students to let us know when they see problems or danger out there, we want to know about it. I want to commend the driver for handling the situation in such a professional manner, she did a good job with it."

The gun belonged to a relative. The boy found it hidden on top of a tall dresser.

Investigators don't think the child planned to hurt anyone.

He's charged with possession of a firearm on school property and was suspended from school.

Colquitt County has programs to teach third through sixth graders firearm safety.

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