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Man injured in meth lab explosive

May 3, 2004

Ben Hill County- The entire left side of Jamie Young's Lobingier Avenue home is charred.

"He was from all indications actually in the process of cooking methamphetamine when the explosion occurred," says investigator Chris Stephens from the South Central Drug Task Force.

Young was transported to Dorminey Medical Center with second degree burns on his face and upper body and scorched lungs from inhaling fire, but to avoid police custody Young checked himself out of the hospital before even being treated.

"If you're out there sir and you're afraid to get the medical attention. I can assure you that if you do get the medical attention that you are requiring. You do not have to worry about us coming and dragging you out of the hospital to take you to a jail. Go seek the medical attention that first and foremost," pleads Stephens.

Investigators aren't the only ones pleading with Young to get treatment for his injuries.

"I just wish that you would call one of us and let us get you somewhere to get medical treatment that's all they are concerned about right now," says his sister, Gina Thompson.

Young's sister Gina Thompson is a nurse and knows all too well what could happen if her brother doesn't get help. She's hoping her public plea will convince him to get to a hospital as soon as possible.

"You know we love you and just call any of us daddy me grandma anybody, just call anybody and just let us know you are okay, you know we want to help you and get you where you need to be and get that help, that's all we ask for you to let us help you."

Investigators say they want Young to know that he has not been charged with any crimes yet, and won't be until he gets medical attention.

Eventually, he could be charged manufacturing meth and possessing tools for the commission of a crime.

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