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Plenty of rain, lots of happy people

May 3, 2004

Albany-- South Georgia finally got some good soaking rain. Some areas got nearly five inches over the weekend, helping quench the drought.

For the first time in several weeks, those water sprinklers are just not needed.  Although in this case, the wasted water is filling up what's quickly becoming a small pond in this front yard.  But, for most, the abundant rain is a good thing.

"It has actually effected it in a positive way." Bryan Santos is working non-stop. His lawn care company is staying busy now--thanks to the rain, "Now with the rain I am getting calls steadily, people are saying when can we start every two weeks and some of my accounts say can we go every 10 days because of the forecast of the rain they see."

Besides planting flowers, it's that time to plant crops, "Mainly planting season right now, and some crops are in the ground and have been in the ground for awhile, like corn, it is up and it is going pretty well, the rain will help keep that going," says Dougherty County Extension Agent Lenny Wells.

The corn fields benefit, but the rain is preparing the earth for peanut planting later this month. Wells says, "As soon as it dries out some they will be out there pretty busy."

The ground needs to dry up a good bit after a weekend of heavy rain, but no one is complaining. The majority of peanut planting is expected to begin mid-May. The soil needs to be some what moist, but not saturated, for the seeds to germinate.

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