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The scoop on rising ice cream prices

May 3, 2004

Albany - I scream, you scream, we all scream over ice cream prices. As milk prices skyrocket, so does the cost of ice cream. Some companies, such as Bruster's Old Fashion Ice Cream and Yogurt in Albany, are raising prices to offset the high cost of milk.

"Would you like some ice cream," asks a Bruster's worker to a curly headed little girl. There's only one answer to that question. "I'm all for ice cream, and I know she is," said Jayson Gilbert. Jayson Gilbert and two year-old Gracie love an afternoon ice cream date. But, dad had to pull out a few extra bucks to pay for their favorite treat.

The rising cost of milk is shaking up the ice cream business. "All of a sudden it really has jumped," said Bruster's Store Manager Gail Thompson. Thompson says the cost of ice cream mix has gone up 40% since this time last year, forcing them to raise menu prices. "We went up around $.10 per items. So that's still way below the 40% increase we're experiencing."

Dairy farmers are getting paid more for milk, and there are fewer cows in the market leading to the ice cream cost pile-up. But with a secret recipe, freshly made ice creams and more than 20 flavors, the high cost of milk isn't melting business at Bruster's.

"We had a wonderful weekend, so I guess it hasn't affected us too bad," said Thompson.

Since Gracie loves her ice cream so much, her dad is forced to make a decision. When asked if his was just going to bear the higher cost, he said "Yep, there's just no two ways about it."

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