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Is calligraphy art?

May 2, 2004

Thomasville - "It will give them a deep appreciation of what it is to write beautifully," says Esther Tubbs of the Thomasville Cultural Center of a new exhibit displaying calligraphy.

In a time when even grocery lists are typed, the art of writing has almost been forgotten. Almost, but not quite.

Tubbs says, "She finds her inspiration in poetry, in text, in books, and sometimes her own writings, and then she colors and textures that out into the artwork that's in this exhibit."

"Still Life With Letters" is an exhibit with letters and words displayed in calligraphy by Beth Lee. The artist believes writing "connects the unseen world with the physical world. It crystallizes thoughts and allows them to be turned over and examined, tasted and built upon."

Words that communicate a message. "It expresses people's feelings," says Tubb. "That's how we get to know each other through words, through communication."

Communication that is made through more than just a word. The Still Life with Letters exhibit is on display at the Thomasville Cultural center and is open to the public through May 17th.

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