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Family injured, homes destroyed in storm

May 2, 2004

Calhoun County- All 6 members of a Randolph County family were taken to Southwest Georgia Regional hospital with non-life threatening injuries after storms pummeled their mobile home.

Officials say that was the only home in the county to have suffered any damage, but as it was a different story for nearly an entire neighborhood just a few miles away on the Clay/Calhoun County line.

The Georgia State Patrol and sheriff's deputies flew over the area around Enterprise Church Road surveying the damage.

"The initial call came in about 11:30 that there had been a tornado spotted on 39 at the Clay/Early line. We didn't get any confirmation on that, but five minutes later we got this confirmation," explains Clay County Sheriff Roger Shivers.

On the ground dozens of men and women are hard at work.

"I don't even know a quarter of these people," says Kitty McGovern.

McGovern and her husband were both out of the house when the storm blew through the house her grandfather built more than 80 years ago.

"I've lived here three years and I don't know anybody, but everybody's been here, and everybody seems to know my name and I don't know their's," she laughs.

Across the street tragedy struck the Lee family for the second time this weekend.

"We were at my grandparents visiting with them because my grandfather just passed away Saturday morning," says Teresa Lee.

It was a phone call from neighbors that brought Teresa and Kevin Lee home early.

"I just went to pieces. I just fell apart, especially when I got inside and realized everything was just gone, destroyed," she explains.

"We had a total of 5 residential structures damaged, 3 of them of them might as well say destroyed, and two had moderate to heavy damage," adds Shivers.

But with all the destruction and downed trees homeowners say it's definitely a miracle no one was injured.

"Something good will come of this. I know it will, I know it will. God has a plan this was in it," McGovern says.

The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed if the storm that blew through Clay and Calhoun Counties was in fact a tornado.

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