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Father murdered in Albany

May 2, 2004

Albany -- Police say Saturday night gas station owner Parag Purani , of Albany, was murdered during a robbery at the One Stop convenience store on West Oakridge. Now, police are looking for his killer.

Police say Saturday night around 11:00 PM, 33-year-old Parag Purani was gunned down in the parking lot of his gas station.

His family members were told by a witness that Purani was closing the store and was getting into his car when he was approached by someone with a gun demanding money. What happen next is unclear but when it was all over Purani, a father with a young daughter, was dead.

"His wife is feeling really bad right now she can't talk or say anything," says family friend Hitesh Patel.

Witnesses also told the family members the gunmen didn't take money only shot and ran. Police are still sorting out just what happened.

"The motive may have possibly been robbery. At this time we don't have any suspects," says Lt. Roderick Weaver of the Albany Police Department.

Sadly, Purani's mother and father had just traveled thousands of miles from India to visit their son and grandchild. Now instead of a happy family reunion, they're dealing with their son's senseless murder.

Police are awaiting autopsy results that they hope will bring more clues in solving the case.

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