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The Dogs are in Dawson

April 30, 2004

Terrell  County --  Friday was the first day of Windy Hill Farm's annual stock dog competition in Terrell County. The dogs competing are some of the hardest working pets in the business.

As the saying goes every dog has his day and  Friday was Cap's day.

After years of training at how to inspire sheep and cows to move their assets this award winning Border Collie, the smartest of all dogs, seems to be up for the challege. A challege he meets every day.

"What he is doing here are the things that we do almost daily," says Tom Friddell Cap's handler. Now the only things that stands between Cap and his next trophey are 4 unwilling particapants. 

"He is very intense when he is working," says Fridell.

 As he listens for plays from his coach the showdown to show the sheep whos boss begins. 

But it seems today the clock, the heat and team sheep have gotten the best of Cap. All that's left are comments from the coach. 

"Who do you blame, the sheep or the dog? 'The sheep' ," says Friddell.

 But for Cap it's just another chapter in the life of a working dog who lives for the chase.

Friday will wrap up the amateur part of the competition. The pros will take the field Saturday and Sunday between 8 and 5pm.

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