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Quite a buzz in Crisp County

April 30, 2004

Crisp County- Bees seem to be taking over one neighborhood.

"It was just black and yellow. They were just swarming." George Starnes feels threatened by thousands of bees that have made their home in an embankment right in the middle of his neighborhood on Weldon Road.

"This is outrageous and everybody's scared and terrified." They're terrified because people in the neighborhood are already getting stung.

"It's just getting ridiculous. We've got children and they're growing wide and they're coming up they're and stinging kids," Starnes said.

In fact, parents are now keeping their kids inside out of fear that they might get hurt. People in the neighborhood are afraid to take their usual walks for exercise, and they're even scared to walk their dogs.

The problem started at the lower end of an embankment and moved all the way up, creating a home for thousands of bees. "It's a big problem in the heat of the day. A car will irritate them and swarm them up real bad and that's when they're really rowdy," Starnes said.

He is hopeful the county will eliminate the hazard from his neighborhood. "Someone is going to end up getting hurt bad."

Before these bees end up taking over their homes.

News Ten contacted the Crisp County Commissioner's office. They plan to check out the bee problem on Weldon Road.

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