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New company brings work to Lowndes County

April 30, 2004

Lowndes County - Timothy Smith is making a career change. "I was a sales coordinator at T.J. Maxx," said Smith.

Now he's a machinist, and loves his new job. "I mill, drill, and deburr u-bars," said Smith. "I like the machines, making the products, and taking pride in my work."

Smith is one of 25 employees who found work at American Drill Bushing. "The first year, ADB will be putting 30 people to work and over the next three years, they'll be putting 50 to 60 to work," said Vicki Hughes, Industrial Authority Assistant Director.

The company manufactures safety lift equipment used to transport heavy machinery. They shut down their operation in California to move business into Lowndes County. "Our labor force was an issue, we pull workers from about seven counties," said Hughes. "We also have a difference in laws because Georgia is a right to work state where you don't have to be unionized and overall, it was just our quality of life."

Business leaders say this company is giving Lowndes County the boost it needs to survive tough economic times. "It helps support our diversification of industries which has kept our economy strong when the whole country and rest of the world was having a hard time," said Hughes.

The new facility is a four million dollar investment for this community, but one that's sure to pump millions more back into the local economy.

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