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Downtown Moultrie features history, good food

Moultrie has one of the most unusual Chambers of Commerce you'll ever see.  It's in the old Colquitt County jail. It was called the finest and best-designed jail in Georgia when it was built in 1915. The only wood used was around the windows. It's mainly brick and granite. And upstairs next to what's now a meeting room, you can still see the old trap door where the really bad crooks would have been hanged.

 If you're ever in downtown Moultrie and you're hungry, you'll have several locally owned restaurants to choose from. One of them is run by a couple of guys who went to high school and college together.  They came back home to open what's become one of the most popular gathering places in town.

 If you need to find Patrick Bius, the kitchen at the Blue Sky Grill is probably where you want to look first. "I knew what I was getting into, but that doesn't help much once you're in it."

Patrick and Fireball Bannister are finding out, there's not a lot of rest in the restaurant business. Fireball--"Everyting's twice what we thought it would be."

The two old friends became business partners when they remodeled this downtown building and opened the Grill three years ago. And they're glad to be dishing up steaks and seafood and burgers, and dishing out friendly service, even if they often work 14-hour days.

Fireball--"We basically just try to make the best food we can make, and it keeps bringing the people back. So if you give us a try, you'll be back too."

Back to the place they came back home to open the place where they hope you'll feel right at home if you stop by looking for a good meal.

The Sportsmen's Restaurant was a landmark downtown for a long time. It closed recently, but Patrick and Fireball bought that location. They're remodeling and plan to open it as a banquet room. started in rest business in college wanted to be near family opened Feb. 18, 2001

"My partner and I we were working on it for about a year to get everything ready to go. They really love us and support us and we couldn't ask for a better clientele than what we have here."

"It's a wonderful place to be, wouldn't want to be anywhere else than downtown Moultrie."

Steaks, seafood, best burgers in SGA remodeling Sportsman for banquet room lot better than expected Tues - Sat lunch and dinner 9 to midnight at least 3 times a week.


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