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Seniors can soon enroll for discount cards

April 29, 2004

Albany- Thomas McSwain is used to answering questions.

It's part of his job at Davis Drug Company. When the Medicare discount card program begins, he'll be facing a lot of new questions and there's some information he wants Seniors to know.

"No telemarketing is allowed in Georgia," McSwain said. "If someone calls you on the phone it's illegal, they can't call you on the phone."

In the search, remember the card is a discount card. So if you have good insurance, you may want to keep using it, McSwain said.

Finding the best discount card for you may be tricky, so you need to make sure you have several sources to help answer your questions like your pharmacist and the Southwest Georgia Council on Aging.

"They're going to need to come to us," said Debbie Blanton, with SOWEGA Council on Aging. "We've got counselors who will set down and they'll go through all this process."

If you're good with computers the Medicare website can be helpful in picking a card. Just click on PDAP. You will need to know certain information to answer the questions like the name of each drug and it's cost, the dosage and how often it has to be taken, your annual income, your financial resources like a savings account or CD, and any other insurance you may have.

"It will take you through step by step what to do on the drugs," Blanton said. "You will put the names of the drugs you are taking."

The most important thing to remember is don't be in a hurry to enroll.

"Since you can begin signing up in May, begin to look at it and begin to make some inquiries, but don't necessarily jump on board right away," she said.

So be patient and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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