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Investigation recommends more training on crisis plan

April 29, 2004

Albany- An investigation into the death of Westover High School student Marquita Adams has the Dougherty County School System working to make sure all staff clearly understand the crisis plan.

The school board hired an investigator after the student's death to see if anything was handled wrong that day. There were questions about things like multiple calls to 911. There were also questions about why more administrators didn't know about Adams' condition.

Health issues, even with students, are private but the investigator suggested school administrators should still ask.

"Her case being as severe as it was, it was the recommendation that in future cases, such students suffering such serious cases may want to make some effort to make some administrators aware," said investigator Greg Lee.

The school board has received information from Adams' parents about a possible lawsuit. They've asked for $2.5 million.

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