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Phoebe Putney named to top performance list

April 29, 2004

Albany- One of the top health care information services rated nearly three thousand hospitals over a five year period, naming Phoebe Putney one of the most improved large community hospitals.

Solucient measured the hospitals quality of care, operational efficiency, and financial performance from 1997 through 2001. They judged Phoebe one of the top 100 performing hospitals in the United States.

"As gauged by people that we don't employ, created an unbiased report card that says this hospital is performing at the top of the heap," said Phoebe Putney C.E.O. Joel Wernick. "And that is really the goal and vision of our institution. We're here in part to crow a little bit, because our employees have worked hard."

Wernick said that improvements in Phoebe's out-patient care during that five-year period was a big factor in their being named a national industry leader.

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