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Starting from scratch

April 29, 2004

Tifton-- Bobby Simpson has always enjoyed watching fast pitch softball in the Summer Olympics. When the 2004 games begin in Athens Greece, Simpson will be closely following the host team whom he helped get started down the road of international softball four years ago.

"When the Olympics were awarded to Athens, Greece, the International Softball Federation asked me go to Greece and help them start a national program and give them a plan for developing a national team. Actually a guy who coached the Dutch national team and a lady with the I.S.F. and myself selected and coached the first Greek national team," Simpson said. 

Simpson knows in their first Olympics that the Greek team will not be a medal threat but there are some teams he believes they can beat.

"So, if they win a game or two it will be quite good and they do have some good American players but not the best American players."

 After helping to get the Greek team started, Bobby Simpson then became the head coach of the Great Britain Olympic team. The British team will not be playing in the summer Olympics but they did win the gold medal in an Olympic test tournament in Athens this spring where Simpson got a feel of what it is like to be an Olympic competitor.

"We did win the gold medal with the British national team. You have the medal ceremonies just like the Olympics where they put gold medals around the players' necks and they give them flowers and all of these types of things," Simpson said.

The trans-atlantic flights were starting to wear on Bobby Simpson who recently resigned as head coach of the Great Britain team so he can spend more time at home with his company Higher Ground which puts on softball clinics around the world.

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