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Students walk for a cure

April 28, 2004

Thomasville - It may look like recess or even PE class, but these kids are doing more than getting exercise.

4th Grader Mikey Ricks says, "I'm walking for the cancer people, people with cancer."

They're participating in a mini-Relay for life walk in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Mikey says, "I raised $31.00 for the cancer people." And although $31.00 may not seem like a lot, it all adds up. Andrew Hopkins says, "That's good enough to help a lot of people that have cancer."

But why are these kids donating their time and effort to this project? "If you get cancer, you would want people to help you," says Leah Stephens. "You would want people to help you because you would need it. If nobody helped you, you probably wouldn't be able to get better and so you need to help other people."

Even if it's a little at a time. "Next time we do it," says Mikey, "raise up at least about $5 that'll still help."

How much did these kids help? $6,000 worth, and they're not even in middle school yet.

The money Cross Creek students earned will be added to the grand total at Friday night's relay for life in Thomasville.

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