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Bombs threats no joking matter

April 28, 2004

Albany-- An eighth grader at Southside Middle School was arrested last week for phoning two bomb threats to his school.

School officials warn students that they have the technology to catch anyone calling in a false alarm. And even kids calling in bomb threats as a joke will face stiff punishment.

As Southside Middle students took Criterion Referenced Competency Tests, two bomb threats came in. "We didn't want any kids thinking they were still in danger, and not doing their very best. As well as they possibly could have done had the threat not come in," says Principal Johnny Scott.

A 15-year-old boy is now charged with making the bomb threats. He thought having a block on his phone's caller ID system would keep the school from tracing the call. "If they are tempted to call in a bomb threat, we can trace those calls, whether they be private or blocked or whatever. With the technology we have now," says Deputy Superintendent Carlos Keith.

Now the student could be expelled from school, as well as face felony charges in juvenile court. "In all likelihood he will be incarcerated for aminimum of 90 days as a result of doing this," says District Attorney Ken Hodges.

Principal Scott said, "We take it very seriously. We want to send a strong example to the public that bomb threats or any type of threats in the school system will not be tolerated."

And school officials say technology in their phone systems will find prank callers.

 Four people were arrested for phoning bomb threats to Dougherty County schools this year.

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