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Woman claims tax preparer falsified return

April 27, 2004

Dawson -- A Dawson woman says she has received death threats since reporting errors on her tax return prepared by an Albany finance company. The I.R.S. is investigating the woman's claims that a former employee at the tax service falsified her return.

 After saying she received death threats by phone, Sarah Hunter did not want to show her home in this story. "I have a health problem and this is not helping."

January 26th Hunter had World Finance Loans and Taxes in Albany prepare her tax returns. February 8th she received a tax refund 16-hundred dollars less than she got the previous year. Hunter says the return is not the same one she signed in their office. "On the first page of it is where she used my children."

On the return sent to the IRS she says there was one dependent, a name she doesn't even know. "A Kareem Nixon on it, a totally different child."

Hunter confronted the woman who prepared her taxes, and said she confessed. "Says look, I've been having some family problems, going through a divorce, this and that and the other. And she used my children to get a tax break."

Hunter called the I.R.S. and reported the fraud. Now they are auditing her last five years returns, all prepared by the same woman at World Finance.

The company has no comment, but says the employee no longer works there. Hunter says other World Finance clients need to re-check their returns. "I know it's not just me."

Sarah Hunter said she is an innocent victim, just trying to pay her taxes. Now she worries as she waits for the I.R.S. audit.

 The I.R.S. says if you suspect fraud in a tax preparation company, you can call their Fraud Unit at 800-829-0433.

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