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Students learn about nature at Reed Bingham

April 27, 2004

Cook County - Hunting for alligators and boat rides on the river aren't part of the normal school day for most kids. But some South Georgia students got a chance to do just that Tuesday at Reed Bingham State Park.

They're armed with their sunglasses and life jackets, but this isn't summer vacation. "We spend most of our weekdays on the river giving pontoon boat rides," said Chet Powell, Herpetologist.

It's actually a valuable school lesson. "We take the kids out and who them everything from different water foul to turtles, snakes, gators, deer," said Powell. "We point out how the plants interact with the water, our water weed problems."

There's plenty of exotic birds and plants to see, but these kids have something else in mind. "Alligators!" said Alana Griffin. The big alligators decided not to show their faces on the boat ride, but they didn't leave too disappointed. A baby alligator was caught earlier for a backup plan.

Along with learning the eating and living habits of plants and animals, the kids are also learning how to protect them. "As we're losing resources every day, we just want them to be more responsible with the habitat and enjoy the park," said Powell. So they can keep enjoying this park for many years to come.

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