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The flavor of Tifton

April 29, 2004

Tifton--  If you're looking for a unique place for lunch or dinner here in Tifton, you may want to try Bergeron's Downtown. It's little bit of the bayou right here in south Georgia.

Restaurant Owner Hershall Bergeron is right at home in the kitchen.  "I was always in the food service business."

Now, he's right at home in Tifton. Two years ago, this native Cajun opened a restaurant in the historic Myon Hotel downtown. "Just wanted to do our own thing. Bring a little Louisiana to Georgia."

Now, if you're a little afraid of Cajun food, Hershall says you shouldn't be. "True Cajun food is almost just like good old southern cooking, you know bell peppers, onions, and celery and butter and just smother everything."

He says Cajuns live off the land and water and that spicey food you may think of as Cajun, is actually Creole. "Cajuns are too poor to do a whole lot of cayenne pepper and all that kind of stuff." And you can get more than just Cajun food here. "There's something here for everybody. Hot dogs for the kids."

The atmosphere's not bad either. You can sit on the balcony overlooking a courtyard. Or one with a view of mainstreet. There's also a Mardi Gras themed bar. "We have over 80 wines to choose from, 40 beers to choose from."

But it's the food that's the real draw-- "Nothing's store bought." And Hershall's always tinkering. He developed a brand new seafood dish last week. "It was good enough that I thought I could put it on the menu for Friday and Saturday night."

So you never know just what you're gonna get here, but you can be sure it'll be something different, a little piece of Cajun Country right here in Tifton.

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