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Deerfield student takes prestigious UGA scholarship

April 26, 2004

Albany- A Deerfield-Windsor student will be one of the most elite students on the University of Georgia's campus in the fall.

Donald Wakeford was selected for the UGA Foundation Fellowship, the most prestigious scholarship an undergraduate at the university can get. Somewhere between 20 and 25 students are chosen out of 900 from across the country. Wakeford balanced good grades and leadership in many extra-curricular activities.

"The kids who get the Foundation Fellowship or the Ramsey scholarship are the ones who tried to set themselves apart by doing a lot of things," Wakeford said. "Sports or theater or other extracurricular activities, debate and yearbook. Things like that."

Donald will graduate third in his class this year. So far, Deerfield officials haven't found a record of anyone else from Albany ever selected for the Foundation Fellowship.

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