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NAACP calls for school board president's resignation

April 26, 2004

Tifton- Pat Melton started praying Sunday night that rainy weather wouldn't stop this protest.

Members of the NAACP want the Tift County School Board to remove Richard Golden as the board's president and they want him to resign.

"We are asking Mr. Richard Golden to do the best thing in the interest of the community, in the interest of the teacher's that serves and most of all the students," Melton said.

They are asking voters in Golden's district to recall him. That would take 15 percent of the voters in the district signing a petition. The NAACP has also contacted the governor's office.

"Once he's indicted, that's when they step in. We have to wait until the grand jury meets in May," she said.

Golden is charged with shooting the car of Derrick Pettiford last week when he caught him fishing on his property. Pettiford's family says he shouldn't have trespassed, but Golden should have called the police instead of taking the law into his own hands.

"I'm not condoning what my grandson did when he trespassed," said Solomon Pettiford, Jr.

Pettiford's grandfather wants people to boycott Golden Waste, a company Golden used to own, but has apparently sold.

"Every black person, including myself. I'm a Golden Waste participant. Will no longer be a Golden Waste participant," he said.

Whatever it takes, members of the NAACP say Golden's days as a public servant should be over.

By the way, Pat's prayer was answered. The rain held off, until the moment the protest ended. Richard Golden has not returned our phone calls.

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