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Saba qualifies to run for sheriff again

April 26, 2004

Albany -- Democratic and Republican candidates paid the necessary fees to assure a berth in their party's July 20th primary.

One of the first Dougherty County Democrats to qualify is Sheriff Jamil Saba. Saba will be running for his sixth term as Dougherty County sheriff.

And he has seen a lot of changes in the job since taking office in 1984.

Jamil Saba started working in the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department in 1970. Today at age 67, he qualified to run for his sixth term as sheriff. Saba said "I enjoy being the Sheriff because I enjoy working for the people of this community."

Saba succeeded Lamar Stewart as sheriff in 1984. Saba said "When I first started I was number 13. Now we've got 280. So it's grown quite a bit? It's grown a lot."

Then the Dougherty County jail was in today's courthouse, with 200 beds. "We used to cater our lunch, and breakfast. We never did cook up here. We had a kitchen but never did cook, found out it was cheaper. Now at the jail you have inmates do a lot of the work. We have over 100 inmates working everyday."

Today Dougherty County has a huge jail complex with a budget of 15 million dollars, over twelve hundred beds, and two courtrooms. Saba said "We have court out here seven days a week now."

Saba says he thinks this will be his last run for sheriff, but he still loves his growing job in law enforcement. Saba said "If I can help them, I try very hard to help the people of this community. When I do, I feel like I accomplished something."

The Dougherty County Sheriff controls nearly one third of the county budget and one third of it's employees.

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