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Journalists work for free, learn a lot

April 26, 2004

Leesburg-- It's an award winning news operation in South Georgia, but they are never sure when their work will be published.

Deadlines are always up in the air. Not to mention, the help doesn't get a dime. You are probably wondering who would work under these conditions-- budding journalists.

As the Lee County High School students go about their business, inside this classroom an award-winning magazine just for them is being born. "Being able to get the inside scope-- that is what it is all about," says 11th grader Ian McDaniel.

McDaniel and his fellow journalists are working on "The Mag", a yearly magazine with artwork, poetry and articles their readers are interested in. McDaniel says, "I am laying out the dating article."

This journalist wants to point out he didn't write that article, "The whole thing, as I am mostly a sports man, I got to interview the new football coach. It is great to find out new stuff and being allowed to do it. It's like pretty much being allowed to be a snitch. That is what journalism is."

Advisor Coni Grebel is helping co-editor Caroline Sumners with a lay-out issue, but a problematic computer is slowing the process way down. 11th grader Sumners says, "We have lots of problems, mainly the computers, they are down all the time."

Grebel says, "They don't know what technology difficulties they are going to have. They don't know what pictures didn't take or what still has to be done. But, it just has got to happen when there is a deadline."

Their next deadline is a week from now-- the layouts have to be at the printers. McDaniel says, "It gets pretty hectic."

But, with several computers down, and lots to be done, it's up in the air if they will make it. Grebel says, "It will be close but it always is in everything we print."

"The Mag" is set to be on the Lee County High School newsstand May 12th.

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