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Coyote Run Motocross Park host big race

April 24, 2004

It's a new attraction many hope will put the small city of Parrott on the map. A motocross park, recently built in the city, is attracting riders from across the country to South Georgia to take part in a sport that's really for everyone.

For the young rider on bike 46 the details of how it all started are still a little fuzzy.

"Well I don't really know how to explain it he just bought me a bike for Christmas and I just got into it," says Kayla Sann.

Getting into it in over 20 races and winning 18 trophies.

"They normally give me pink trophies," says Sann .

This 10 year old mud slider sees more pink in future.

The color pink will match her nail polish because this contenders isn't what you might think her name is Kayla Sann and she's not afraid to get dirty.

"I like playing in the dirt Craig is always yelling at me for playing in it," says Sann.

Craig Skipper is Kayla's step-father and a motocross enthusiast. He taught her all she knows about keeping her balance on those wicked curves.

"She doing pretty good she is having a blast with it and she loves beating the boys," says Skipper.

"It's a little scary when you see her flying off her bike. Now and then you have to run over and pick her up but she has informed me that she is a tough cookie," says Kristel Skipper, Kayla's mother.

A tough cookie that has come to Coyote Run to claim top prize armed with a message to others.

"I think everyone can do it if they tired b ecause girls can do as much as boys," says Sann.

And, she's proving that one lap at a time.

The Coyote Run Park in Parrott opened in February and is hosting the Georgia Winter Springs Motocross Series competition Sunday morning at 10.

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