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Governor Perdue goes to Moultrie

April 23, 2004

Moultrie - Governor Sonny Perdue revisits one of his first campaign trail stops.

The governor's bus tour made it to Moultrie's courthouse square. He talked about the ups and downs of the 2004 legislation session.

Although he did not discuss it in his speech, we asked him afterward about the future of widening Georgia Highway 133. He says, "Out of the 50 and a half billion dollars hope that's on the project list. Obviously we are letting the professionals, the DOT, along with the communities and the legislatures to determine the needs for the area, but half of that money is going out into the state for economic development. We've got transportation needs, a lot of access needs and that's part of Georgia and that's what my intentions are."

The governor's trip would not be complete without a few flag protesters. Perdue was even asked to autograph a 'Sonny Lied' sign.

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