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National competition splashes in south Georgia

April 23, 2004

Moultrie - Divers from all over the United States are in south Georgia competing for a junior national championship. So how do kids prepare for a diving meet?

Nic Price and his friends throw the football around, they are getting ready to tackle the clear blue. Nic has an hour before he takes the plunge into a big swimming pool. He smiles, "If I dive good, I dive good. If I don't, I don't."

While he competes on the green to pass the time, his Moss Farms Diving Tiger teammate Maddie Qurnell competes under the bleachers by playing hand games with friends.

They both have a home team advantage. Nic agrees, "In a small little town like this [Moultrie] it makes you kind of important really."

The Moultrie teen divers train at the Moose Moss Aquatic Center. Maddie says, "It's nice to be in your hometown for a national meet being on own boards and where you practice everyday."

But, the day doesn't go without nerves. Maddie is seen nervously waiting to dive chewing a towel.

No worries though, Nic ends up with mostly 6's on his first dive. He says, "I think I did pretty good. It wasn't my best, but it wasn't my worst."

It's Maddy's turn. She splashes in mostly 5 1/2's and 6's. Nic says, "Maddy came up here today like she was a pro diver. Nobody has ever seen her dive this good. She's on the ball."

Nic takes home a sixth place and Maddy gets 10th, that's out of 28 divers from all over the United States.

The national competition continues Saturday and Sunday.

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